Craft Beer from Rhäzüns


Local craft beer

I brew. Since 2014 I’ve been exploring the wild realms of beer brewing. In January 2018 I was finally able to upgrade my hobby to a more serious hobby-on-the-way-to-fulltime-job. Family, friends and me built a new brewing room in Rhäzüns. Now I can brew batches of up to 220 litres by myself.

My goals are:

  • to launch a small set of craft beers for the region (later all of Switzerland),

  • to create a strong brand for the Canton Graubünden,

  • to entertain guests in our tasting room — a community place

  • to make local artisanship a bigger thing again

  • in the future: the harvest and cultivation of local yeast strains


"Special" beer doesn't make it special

I like to enjoy a good beer. I think, I’m not the only one. And handmade beer just tastes the best. Ravenhead beers are clearly set apart from the mass beer productions. They are craft beers to indulge in. Top fermentation beers. The best experience is to taste them from a proper beer tulip glass.

I’ve noticed a change in consumer behaviour, at least here in Graubünden. There’s now a Zero Waste Shop in Chur, more people are buying locally sourced goods and meat, artisanal work seems to be more in trend. With my brewery in Rhäzüns I want to join other pioneers in bringing local craftsmanship back to the masses. I’m also aiming to source all my ingredients locally.

And who likes to drink alone anyway? The small tasting room is a place for enjoyment, deceleration and (sometimes) a plattform for the exchange of future visions.